What Are People Saying About Markus?


“Markus Watson knows from experience that without a compelling vision, churches instinctively turn inward. But without the capacity to trust each other as a healthy and courageous community, the most enthusiastic mission-driven congregation settles for becoming a spiritual country club for the baptized. An excellent and engaging communicator and a wise and resilient coach, Markus Watson is the kind of consultant, speaker, coach and leader who can inspire a community and its leadership to be their very best selves.”

Dr. Tod Bolsinger, author of Canoeing the Mountains and Vice President and Chief of Fuller Leadership Platform at Fuller Theological Seminary


“Markus is an outstanding teacher, group facilitator, and peer coach. His teaching style is upbeat, light-hearted, and disarming even when approaching topics that stretch and challenge his audience. I highly recommend him.”

Pastor Jason Coker, Senior Pastor of First Christian Church Oceanside


Markus is a leader of profound character who has a passion to serve the Body of Christ and the world around him. He is a gifted communicator and able to clearly convey substantive thought in a way that is easy to comprehend. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Micah Lunsford, Director and Founder of Resonance: A Theological Journal


“Markus is a friend and ministry partner who worked with our organization to impact local middle and high school campuses in the community where he served as pastor. He conveyed vision to the congregation and assisted in mobilizing them to engage in beautification projects and student-led outreach clubs at public schools. Markus is a solid preacher who shares God’s word in practical ways that people can apply to everyday life. He enjoys developing leaders by unpacking the God-given dreams placed inside them that need to get out to benefit the world. He loves guiding leaders through this dynamic process of discovery and development through his current work at Flourish. I encourage you to give Markus a call and begin the journey together!”

Dr. Nate Landis, Founder and President of Urban Youth Collaborative, San Diego


“Markus leads those around him with a passion that is uplifting, encouraging, and unparalleled. His ability to articulate his stories of real life experiences, intertwined with his messages, keep you leaning forward in your seat, engrossed in his words, wanting to hear more.”

Jimm Greer, Founder and CEO of UMTR2ME (You Matter To Me), suicide prevention organization