The mission of God is a mission of shalom.  What does that mean?  What does that look like?  How do we live out the mission of God?  These ten episodes will give you a great overview!

  1. What is the Mission of God? with Markus Watson
  2. The Fundamentals of God’s Mission, with Jim Mullins, author of The Symphony of Mission
  3. Shalom for the City, with Amy Sherman, author of Kingdom Calling
  4. From Sunday-centric to Mission-centric, with Jon Ritner, author of Positively Irritating
  5. Recalibrating the Church Around Jesus, with Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch, authors of ReJesus
  6. How to Help Your City Thrive, with Amy Sherman, author of Agents of Flourishing
  7. Leading Your Ministry as a Dissident Disciple, with Scot McKnight, author of Revelation for the Rest of Us
  8. Exploring New Forms of Church, with Shannon Kiser, Director of Coaching and Training at Fresh Expressions
  9. How to Cultivate Presence in Your Community, with Tim Soerens, author of Everywhere You Look
  10. Unlearning Old Paradigms for Kingdom Leadership, with Terry Walling, author of Unlikely Nomads