Getting Busy People Involved in Ministry

Photo by Rebeccah Selah (Creative Commons)Photo by Rebeccah Selah (Creative Commons)People are busy.  They’ve got jobs, school, family stuff, hobbies, etc., etc., etc. 

Why people don't get involved in ministry

All this “stuff” makes it difficult for people to get involved in church-related ministry opportunities.  As a result, pastors and other church leaders end up begging and cajoling people in their churches in order to recruit volunteers. 

Sometimes the begging and cajoling works.  Sometimes it doesn’t.

For a lot of folks, however, the issue isn’t that they don’t want to participate in their church’s ministry.  They actually do want to get involved.  It’s just that they have so many other commitments that they have a hard time adding another commitment to their schedule.

Don't work against people's busy schedules

Here’s where Neighborhood Connection Groups (NCGs) are so great.  They work with, not against, people’s hectic schedules.

Neighborhood Connection Groups are designed so that people don’t have to give up their non-church commitments in order to be more involved in church.  They can continue to bowl in the bowling league.  They can keep leading the local Cub Scouts Pack.  They can stay active in the Parent Teacher Association.

In fact, these very activities can serve as a person’s Neighborhood Connection Group.

The fact is that people are already active in their communities.  Instead of working against that neighborhood involvement, why not work with it?

Community involvement is an opportunity for ministry

Too often, churches try to drag people away from their community involvement in order to get them involved in church activities.  Neighborhood Connection Groups are designed to help church members see their community involvement as an opportunity to become aware of what God is already at work doing in the neighborhood and then join God in that work.

As they come together with other NCG participants to reflect on their neighborhood activities, new ideas for ministry are bound to emerge, some of which may be exactly what God is calling the church to do.

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