A Book About What Happens When People Begin to Question Church

It's here!

Finding Church, edited by Jeremy MyersFinding Church, edited by Jeremy MyersYesterday morning my wife looked out the window and saw a package on our doorstep. She asked if I was expecting a book, and I said, "Oh, I bet it's the one I'm in!" Sure enough, it was my copy of Finding Church: Stories of Leaving, Switching, and Reforming, edited by Jeremy Myers and written by a bunch of people.

What's Finding Church about? Here's the description from the Amazon page:


What happens when people begin to question church?

Millions of people are “leaving church” each year as they begin to question the deeper meanings and structures of gathering together. They’re asking a fundamental question of, “What does it mean to participate in church and what would happen if we did something different?”

They are not abandoning God, ignoring Scripture, or giving up on Jesus. While a few do leave for such reasons, the vast majority report that they leave church to better follow Jesus, obey God, and live out their faith in meaningful and relational ways. They stop attending church to pursue something more intimate and personal.

Finding Church explores these stories of people leaving, switching, and even reforming their basic understanding of church. It will open your eyes to a growing trend in culture for people to take responsibility for their faith.


Needless to say, I'm pretty stoked about this book. Not only because I'm one of the contributors, but because I believe God works in and through people and churches in all kinds of different ways. I can't wait to read about the other 35 stories of how God has been at work in the world?

Have you ever been involved in leaving, switching, or reforming a church? What was that like?

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