5 Steps To Starting a New Ministry

The Malphurs Group website, which focuses on ministry leadership, recently posted an article I wrote titled Stop Before You Strategize.  The article focuses on what to do before you start planning a new ministry program for your church.

Photo by Kryten (everystockphoto) Photo by Kryten (everystockphoto) Here’s a brief excerpt from that post:

1. Don’t start with a strategic plan.
A strategic plan is critical, but it’s not helpful if we start it too early. First, we need to discern what people in our community care about and struggle with, as well as how God wants to reach our community.

2. Start by listening.
Any effective ministry starts not with planning, but with listening….

3. As you listen, ask, “What is God up to?”
I am convinced that God is already at work in the world ahead of his church. Whereas I used believe that people could only experience God if I brought God to them, I now believe that God is already at work in the lives of people in our neighborhood and he invites us to join him in that work.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

(Aubrey Malphurs is the author of many church leadership books.  The budgeting principles in his book, Money Matters in Church, became an essential part of our budgeting process after we read that book several years ago.  Highly recommended!)

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