Markus Watson

Hi, there!  I'm Markus.  I'm the pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Church in San Diego, California. I'm currently working toward a Doctor of Ministry degree at Fuller Theological Seminary in the area of Missional Leadership, studying under Alan Roxburgh and Mark Lau Branson.

I call my blog "StretchyChurch" because I believe the Church needs to be, well...  stretchy!

For a church to get stuck in it's ways--whether those ways are 100 years old or only 10 years old--is death for a church. 

Our world is constantly changing.  Our culture is changing.  The generations are changing.  And, while God never changes, God is certainly always up to doing new things.

A church must be stretchy in order to keep up with what God is up to in a constantly changing world.

 If you are involved in church leadership or if you are simply passionate about what God is up to, then this blog is for you.

I post about once or twice a week.  If you want to keep up with new posts, you can subscribe to my RSS feedYou can also follow me on Twitter, where I'll not only announce new posts, but also share other fun and helpful stuff.

 A Little More About Me

I'm originally from Los Angeles, currently live in San Diego, and have lived in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Germany.

Growing up, my dream was to make it as a big-time movie director.  So, I studied Communication at Slippery Rock University (yes, that's really the name of my college!), interned with a production company in Hollywood, and started working as a production assistant in Hollywood right after college.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), it only took about a year for me to get sick of Hollywood.

I ended up at Fuller Theological Seminary, partly because I kinda wasn't quite sure what to do with my life.  But on the first day of class, I knew this was the perfect place for me!

I graduated with a Master of Divinity in 2001 and was ordained as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 2004.  That's when my wife and I moved to Union, Kentucky, where I served as an Associate Pastor for three and a half years.

In 2007, we moved back to Southern California, where I now serve as the pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Church in San Diego.

I love, love, love my wife, Robin, and my three kids!  I love the beach.  I love surfing.  I love science fiction (especially Star Wars).  I love to preach.  And I love my congregation.  

But most of all, I love Jesus.